Refund Policy

A student or parent of an undergraduate student may request a refund when a valid credit balance exists. Please note that refunds of financial aid for a given semester cannot be issued until the funds are received and posted to the student's account, the student has completed ND Roll Call, and classes have begun for the program in which the student is enrolled.

A refund may be requested* by completing the Online Refund Request form, calling (574) 631-7113, or visiting the Office of Student Accounts. Students receive refunds via direct deposit as outlined below. Parents requesting refunds must follow the paper check process outlined below.

Based upon the volume of requests for refunds during the first week of classes each semester, it may take up to one week to process requests.

*Undergraduate students: Written permission (preferably email) from the parent is required each semester if the credit balance results from a payment to the account, a Direct PLUS Loan or a monthly payment plan contract with Cashnet.

To receive a refund via direct deposit
Direct deposit refunds to students are processed via IRISHPAY. In addition to requesting the refund, students should complete the DIRECT DEPOSIT option located in the menu of IRISHPAY to have funds directly deposited into the appropriate checking account. Completing this process is the most efficient way to receive a refund of a credit balance.

* Please note: IRISHPAY direct deposit is separate from the direct deposit that you may have on file with the University's Payroll Office for stipends or campus employment.

To receive a refund via paper check
Please submit the refund request to the Office of Student Accounts. Please note that paper checks are processed only once per week. The student will be notified when the check is available for pick up in the office. Picture ID is required in order to pick up a check. If the check is to be mailed, please confirm the mailing address.