IRISHPAY Login Overview

Authorized Payers (Parents/Guardians)

  • Student must "authorize" parents/guardians for access to IRISHPAY
    • NOTE: Each authorized payer is required to have a separate and unique login
  • Once authorized by the student, parents/guardians may access IRISHPAY through the Authorized Payer Login


Students may view their monthly account statements and activity through IRISHPAY.

To access:

  • Log in to
  • Enter IRISHPAY in the search bar
  • Click on the "IRISHPAY for Students" icon
  • Enter your netID and password when prompted

 To grant an authorized payer (parents/guardians) access to your IRISHPAY account after logging in:

  • Select “Authorize Payers” and click “Add New”
  • An email communicating the newly created login will be sent to your authorized payer(s)

Please Note: 

If you are experiencing difficulties with IRISHPay View and Pay Accounts or if you receive an error message after selecting "Make Payment," please clear your browser history and try again.