New Student Information

To assist you in navigating the University of Notre Dame's student account billing and payment system, we have created a checklist highlighting important things that all incoming undergraduate students should know.

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Federal Title IV Funds

Title IV is a term that refers to federal financial aid funds. This section contains information regarding the management of federal aid funds on the student account.

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Hold Policy

Untimely payment of an outstanding student account balance may result in a hold being placed upon a student's University record.

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Refund Policy

A student or parent of an undergraduate student may request a refund when a valid credit balance exists. This section explains the necessary steps to receive a refund.

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Separation Policy

Any student who at any time within the school year wishes to separate from the University should contact the Office of the Registrar to begin the separation process. This section explains our office's separation policy. 

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Tax Information

This section includes information on accessing the Form 1098-T and the data the University reports on this tax form.

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Nondiscrimination Policy

This section provides the University's Nondiscrimination policy. 

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