International Study Programs

Undergraduate International Study Programs


  Semester Year
Rome - Architecture $32,577.00 $65,154.00
Rome Architecture Fee                                                                            $2,400.00 $4,800.00

All Other Programs
A complete list of programs is available on the Notre Dame Office of International Studies website.

  Semester Year
Tuition $25,499.00 $50,998.00
Program Fee $7,445.00 $14,890.00
Program Administrative Fee*                                                                 $750.00 $750.00
Technology Fee** $125.00 $250.00

*The $750 Program Administrative Fee is divided equally between the fall and spring semesters for those students participating in a year-long program. This fee does not apply to the Washington, D.C. or Silicon Valley program.

**The Technology Fee only applies to the Silicon Valley program


Graduate Student International Study Programs

  Semester Year
London Law (JD)  $27,901.00 $55,802.00
London Law (LLM) UK & Common Market Countries Tuition $9,500.00 $19,000.00
London Law (LLM) US & Non-Common Market Countries Tuition $14,250.00 $28,500.00