Monthly Payment Plan

The University makes available an interest-free monthly payment plan administered by Higher One. This plan allows families to spread education payments out over a 9- (begins in June) or 10- month (begins in May) period versus making two larger payments, one at the beginning of each semester. With Higher One's tuition payment plan, families can reduce the overall cost of education by paying as much as possible interest-free, instead of borrowing.

*Spring 2018 - One Semester Only Payment Plan Available

*Please note that this payment plan is only for the spring 2018 semester, it cannot be used to pay a past due fall 2017 balance or academic year balance.

To enroll in this plan, please select the "enroll online" link below.


Printable Brochure

The annual fee to enroll in the program is $40.00.

Please note: If you choose to use the tuition payment plan, the Notre Dame Office of Student Accounts will credit one-half of the plan amount to the fall statement and an equal amount on the spring statement.

To view how the Higher One Tuition Payment Plan is reflected on the IRISHPAY monthly billing statement, please select the sample statements below: 

Sample Billing Statement with Higher One Payment Plan - No Balance Due to Notre Dame

Sample Billing Statement with Higher One Payment Plan - Balance Due to Notre Dame

To determine your monthly payment plan amount:


Full Year (Fall & Spring) Direct Educational Expenses
Tuition and Fees
Room and Meals


Full Year (Fall & Spring) Deductions
Direct Payments

(Note: Do not include Campus Employment or Federal Work Study)

= $_______

Tuition Payment Plan Amount*


Tuition Payment Plan Amount ÷ 9 or 10 months = Monthly Payment

*Please note that adjustments can be made to your Higher One Contract amount after enrolling. 

For more information on the Tuition Payment Plan administered by Higher One, call 877-282-5933.