Step-by-Step Guide

Select the following link:     Notre Dame International Student Account Payments

Step 1:  Student Verification

  • Complete the required fields on Western Union’s website (NDid number, student’s first and last name, email address, home address, etc.) and select NEXT.

Step 2: Select Payment Option

  • Enter the amount you wish to pay in US dollars.
    • NOTE: The amount field will be pre-populated with $1.00.
  • Select your local currency* from drop down list and select NEXT.

* If your local currency is not an option available in the form, you may send U.S. dollars from your account using this system to reduce your bank fees.

Step 3: Enter Payment Details

  • Provide required information for who is making the payment (name, email address, mailing address, etc.).
  • Provide required information for Bank Details.
  • Review Terms of Use and select the checkbox, then select NEXT.

Step 4: Obtain Payment Instructions

  • Print the Payment Instructions and follow the preferred procedures to transfer funds.
  • Notre Dame will post the U.S. dollar equivalent to your student account, generally two to five business days after your local bank initiates payment.

For general inquiries about the payments process, please contact Western Union at or call 877-218-8829.